Friday, August 27, 2010

Next Week : Cif Talk ! Winners get ready !

Starting next thursday is Cif Talk, the event where we want to talk to each one of you winners of the Who Is Cif contest, to make sure you get an awesome prize :D

We, at Cifnet LTD., aren't fans of prizes for prizes sake, so we want you to get something you'll love and benefit from.

Do you want to promote an event, your own shop, your band, your novel, or do you want to let the world know that you exist ? Do you.. oh, well I'm not starting already, let's leave it for the next week !

I'll contact you guys and we'll simply talk through tweets, wall to wall, whatever you wish ;)

I'm already putting some bee-a.. juice in the fridge for next week's talks. Congrats again and see you next week :D

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