Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winners of the First Round !

The moment you've all been waiting for has finally come !

Here is the list with all the winners of the first round of Who Is Cif. As stands written on the header of the contest's blog, the prizes will help both your Professional and Personal life.

The prizes will consist in websites with/without blogs and with many possibilities and stuff to include, whether you are an artist, a business owner, a gamer or whatever. You will be guided through the whole process, so that your online presence will become trully well known.

That's why I, Florin Muresan, PR at Cifnet LTD., will contact you and will talk to you about your future plans, to be sure you'll get just what you need. And remember: you WON and that means it's all for free ;)

Starting Next Thursday: Cif Talk ! (more details about that event soon)

And the WINNERS are:

1) Steven Lamb (@lamby118) with " create impossible futures "

2) Matt Sicotte with " Collective International Friendships "

3) Sabina Cornovac with " CIF is me, is you, is everyone :) CIF is live, is having fun and is living la vida loca! "

These first 3 were our favorites and here is why:

Steven was surprising, because the first tagline for was supposed to be "Creating Independent Future Networks", so he really came close to it and we liked it.

Matt managed to give another very close meaning to CIF. CIF is going to be International indeed, and a great collection or network of Friends and it intends to build friendship.

And Sabina did not really say a C I F as in suggestions for what the initials stand for, but she gave a really insightful description of who is CIF. As Yahoo stated recently, there is a new power in this world.. and that power is YOU !

Cif is going to be very user-oriented and user-friendly and it will also try to help you be as independent as possible, without having to pay designers, content management, hosting, etc. And the list does not stop here, but you will hear more about this some other time.

The other Winners who also gave great and funny suggestions were:

4) Janice McGrory with " Cookie Infamous Funster "

5) @CynthiaY29 with " Clever Ill-mannered Fox "

6) @socialapril with " Cynical Introvertite Furball "

7) Doina Pirau with " Complex Independent Female "

8) @LanaBee_x with " Cocky Ignorant Friends "

9) @irenescool with " Cool Ironmaiden Fans "

10) @RKOedYourBrain with " Cornflakes in Florida " and " Cornelius Ignacio Florentine "

11) @heerbol with " Cool Information Friends "

12) Ginger Spice for the insight in the flash-answers mini-contest.

Thank you everyone, for participating and I hope you enjoyed the First Round ! Stay Tuned for a Round Two.

And all of you winners Stay Tuned for the CifTalk ! And let's see how many things you'll get !

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